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June 12 2015


Studying As A Mature Student

I have met plenty of mature students that are studying because they are dissatisfied with their situation in life and are making use of an opportunity that they might not have been afforded when they were younger. Then there are those that are merely seeking to further educate themselves in a subject that they are interested in. Whatever the reason is all these people have one thing in common - courage.

It takes how much to replace windows enormous courage to enter back into education after you have been out of it for as little as one year never mind 20! Some mature students that I have met had not put pen to paper in nearly 40 years wood frame windows other than to write a Christmas card. Many students have doors with windows to tackle the age of computers without any knowledge of even how to turn it on. I have always loved the advert on TV where the computer instructor asks the students to delete what they have written on the screen and you see one woman getting her tip ex out and painting it on the monitor. One guy is using the CD drive to hold his coffee cup!

There is another aspect to consider when entering back into education as a mature student. Will you do it full time or part time? Due to family, work and other commitments many of our students find that part time suits them better as they can keep working, don't have to pay for childcare etc. This however poses its own set of problems. When your day starts as early as 6am and is made up of work, school runs, housework, homework and every other conceivable type of work you could think of, when do you get slim double glazing to sit down and do your course work? I find that putting time aside to do course work is usually the very last thing to make it onto your time management agenda. I clean, cook, wash and iron before I would ever consider sitting down to tackle an assignment although once I start I know I will love it. My advice for any mature student that is currently studying or wishes to study part time is to set time aside each week with the same diligence that you would if it were for paid working hours. Whether you prefer to work at night once all the jobs are done and the house is quiet or whether you are like me and get your best work done early in the morning before the house wakes - dedicate a few hours a day or a week as time that belongs to your course. If you have taken the plunge and decided to enrol in a course with a subject that you love, you have bought the course materials - then you owe it to yourself to take the time to do the work.

Once you have decided when your special study time is, a suitable work station is the next most important thing. This doesn't necessarily need to be a vast space with state of the art, ergonomically designed furniture. A simple desk and chair will suffice but you should be able to leave your books and other study materials in place without having to pack up at the end of each session. The problem with packing up after each session is that it will take you that much longer to get started the next time and as time is of the essence you want to get cracking the moment you sit down to work - before you can get distracted by the dust on the windows! I am well versed in the subject of procrastination!

My final piece of advice to all those indecisive souls out there that are on the edge of the fence - uncertain whether to enrol or doubting that they have the ability to make it through the course - the hardest part is making the decision. Once you have enrolled its easy. The whole process snowballs into place and before you know it you are halfway through the course work and your life has taken on a whole new perspective. Wouldn't you rather try something new and get that sense of accomplishment, which is impossible to buy, when you post your first assignment. I will leave you with these wise words that I have always found helpful when in a quandary, "more is lost through indecision than wrong decision."


June 01 2015


Measuring the Energy Efficiency of Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows are an which double glazing excellent investment for any home as they have a wide array of benefits over the traditional types of windows. Besides adding to the aesthetic value of the home, they boast of features such as durability and low maintenance costs. Double glazed also provide extra protection against elements of weather such as hail storms and strong winds, because of the amazingly sturdy material used in them. But most important among all is the fact that these windows can make a home energy efficient, by helping in reducing power bills in respect of heating costs in winter and cooling cost in summers. This also makes double glazed windows an eco friendly option among home improvements. However, while investing in patio doors double glazed windows, the homeowner must ensure that its energy efficiency balances the cost incurred on installation, so that it turns to be a wise decision whose benefits can be reaped over a long period of time.

How to Measure the Energy Efficiency of Double Glazed Windows

Here are a few factors which are to be kept in mind while rating the energy efficiency of double glazed windows:

1. Use of insulated glass goes a long way in enhancing the energy efficiency windows. Whether the home is old or new, it is important to install insulated glass in double glazed windows or even have the existing ones upgraded to triple glaze types.

2. Another key factor to ensure the energy efficiency of double glazed windows is the material used for making and installation of the windows. For instance, the traditional double glazed windows make use of nitrogen or argon gas between the glass layers for the purpose window vinyl of insulation, while the cheaper versions do not have argon gas, which makes them comparatively inferior in terms of energy saving.

3. Not only the glass material of the double glazed window determines its energy efficiency, but the frame material also makes a great difference in this regard. Using a high quality material in window double sash window frame also matters a lot to save n energy costs. One of the latest innovations in frame material is an aluminum casement, which is sturdy as well as good looking and at the same time offers a good degree of insulation. It is also visually appealing and required minimal maintenance yet is highly durable.

4. Getting double glazed windows for an existing property ensures that energy is saved not only in the form of prevention of heat loss from the window material, but also due to better maintenance in terms of structure and framework of the windows. One can successfully prevent as much as 25% loss in energy by going in for better maintenance of the windows.

Home owners can easily cover the cost of their investment in terms of lower power bills as well as eco friendliness of their home.

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In this way, just doing a bit of research before going for the installation of double glazed windows for your home can help you get value for your money.

May 27 2015


Storm Doors Chicago | Security Storm Door

My WindowWorks is committed to protecting online user privacy. In order to ensure your privacy, information My WindowWorks collects through our web site at www.mywindowworks.com ("Site") is used only in the manner and for the purposes described in this My WindowWorks Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy.")

User Consent to Privacy Policy

Any person accessing, browsing, or otherwise using the Site, either manually or via an automated device or program, shall be considered a "User." All Users are bound by the terms of this Privacy Policy. Users consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of personally identifiable User information ("Information") pursuant to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Information Collected from Users

My WindowWorks collects the email address of Users that email a question or comment to My WindowWorks or submit a customer review.

My WindowWorks collects the billing and shipping addresses, including relevant e-mail, phone and credit card numbers and expiration dates of Users who purchase a product from My WindowWorks through the Site. This includes Users who register to become My WindowWorks members or enter any My WindowWorks contests or other promotional features available on the Site.

Through the use of "cookies" (For more information regarding Cookies, see below), My WindowWorks may collect and store anonymous information relating to Users' browsing patterns, including, for instance, the User's browser version, site referral information, IP address, operating system, and other technical Site use information.


The Site uses a feature of Internet Web browsers called a Cookie, which is a file that a User's Web browser places on a User's computer's hard drive, to assign an identification code to the computer and to collect anonymous browsing information. On this Site, cookies are used in conjunction with session variables to track a User's shopping cart and expire as soon as an order is completed or if a shopping cart sits idle for a lengthy period without being checked-out.

My WindowWorks does not use Cookies to retrieve Information about Users from a User's computer unless the User knowingly and willingly provided such Information.

You may set your Internet Web browser to notify you when you receive a cookie or to prevent cookies from being sent. If you prevent a cookie from being sent, you may limit the functionality My WindowWorks can provide you when you visit the Site, especially when purchasing an item on the Site.

Use of Information

My WindowWorks uses the Information collected from its Users to:

Respond to Users' questions or comments;

Administer a User's contest entry or entry in other promotional feature;

Fulfill a User's purchase request and notify Users of their order status; and

Provide Users with important functionality changes to the Site, new My WindowWorks services and special offers we think you will find valuable.

Disclosure of Information to Third Parties

Unless we have your consent or except as required or permitted by law, My WindowWorks will not sell, share, trade or give away any Information that it collects or receives regarding its Users.

My WindowWorks may disclose information about our Users to others if we have a good faith belief that we are required to do so by law or legal process, to respond to claims, or to protect the rights, property or safety of My WindowWorks or others. My WindowWorks may disclose Information to third party in the event that a third party acquires My WindowWorks or its assets. (See, Sale or Acquisition section below.)

Linked Internet Web Sites

The Site may provide hyperlinks, which are highlighted words or pictures within a hypertext document that, when clicked, take you to another place within the document, to another document altogether, or may take you to a third party website not controlled by My WindowWorks. These hyperlinked third party websites may collect and disclose Information different than this Site. My WindowWorks is not responsible for the collection, use, or disclosure of information collected through these web sites, and My WindowWorks expressly disclaims any and all liability related to such collection, use, or disclosure.


The My WindowWorks Site is not directed towards children under 18 years of age and My WindowWorks does not knowingly collect any information from children under 18 years of age through the Site.


My WindowWorks has security measures to protect against the loss, misuse, and alteration of the Information under our control, including credit card information that is submitted to My WindowWorks When Users place orders or access their account information, the Site uses secure server software (SSL), which encrypts all information Users' input before it is sent to us. Thus, we have taken steps to protect the Information we collect from you from unauthorized access. Unfortunately, no system is perfect; therefore, My WindowWorks makes no representations or warranties with regard to the sufficiency of these security measures. My WindowWorks shall not be responsible for any actual or consequential damages that result from a lapse in compliance with this Privacy Policy because of a security breach or technical malfunction.

Sale or Acquisition

In the event that another company acquires My WindowWorks or all or part of its assets, we reserve the right to include Information among the assets transferred to the acquiring company.

Applicable Law/International Issues

Information that is submitted to this Site will be collected, processed, stored, disclosed and disposed of in accordance with applicable U.S. law. If you are a non-U.S. User, you acknowledge and agree that we may collect and use your Information, as discussed above, outside your resident jurisdiction. In addition, such Information may be stored on servers located outside your resident jurisdiction. U.S. law may not provide the degree of protection for Information that is available in other countries. By providing us with your Information, you acknowledge that your have read this Privacy Policy, understand it, agree to its terms and consent to the transfer of such Information outside your resident jurisdiction. If you do not consent to the terms of this Policy, please do not use this Site, but if you have already provided us with Information, please contact us and let us know how you would like us to handle such information.

Amendments to Privacy Policy

My WindowWorks reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy periodically.

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