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Measuring the Energy Efficiency of Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows are an which double glazing excellent investment for any home as they have a wide array of benefits over the traditional types of windows. Besides adding to the aesthetic value of the home, they boast of features such as durability and low maintenance costs. Double glazed also provide extra protection against elements of weather such as hail storms and strong winds, because of the amazingly sturdy material used in them. But most important among all is the fact that these windows can make a home energy efficient, by helping in reducing power bills in respect of heating costs in winter and cooling cost in summers. This also makes double glazed windows an eco friendly option among home improvements. However, while investing in patio doors double glazed windows, the homeowner must ensure that its energy efficiency balances the cost incurred on installation, so that it turns to be a wise decision whose benefits can be reaped over a long period of time.

How to Measure the Energy Efficiency of Double Glazed Windows

Here are a few factors which are to be kept in mind while rating the energy efficiency of double glazed windows:

1. Use of insulated glass goes a long way in enhancing the energy efficiency windows. Whether the home is old or new, it is important to install insulated glass in double glazed windows or even have the existing ones upgraded to triple glaze types.

2. Another key factor to ensure the energy efficiency of double glazed windows is the material used for making and installation of the windows. For instance, the traditional double glazed windows make use of nitrogen or argon gas between the glass layers for the purpose window vinyl of insulation, while the cheaper versions do not have argon gas, which makes them comparatively inferior in terms of energy saving.

3. Not only the glass material of the double glazed window determines its energy efficiency, but the frame material also makes a great difference in this regard. Using a high quality material in window double sash window frame also matters a lot to save n energy costs. One of the latest innovations in frame material is an aluminum casement, which is sturdy as well as good looking and at the same time offers a good degree of insulation. It is also visually appealing and required minimal maintenance yet is highly durable.

4. Getting double glazed windows for an existing property ensures that energy is saved not only in the form of prevention of heat loss from the window material, but also due to better maintenance in terms of structure and framework of the windows. One can successfully prevent as much as 25% loss in energy by going in for better maintenance of the windows.

Home owners can easily cover the cost of their investment in terms of lower power bills as well as eco friendliness of their home.

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In this way, just doing a bit of research before going for the installation of double glazed windows for your home can help you get value for your money.

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